Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom & Online Safety Training

How frequently must I provide training for my drivers?

Depending on your company policy and/or contractual obligations, safety training may be provided as few times as twice per year or as frequently as monthly.

Is there a limit to the number of drivers you train?
For classroom safety training, it works best to keep the number of attendees at 25 or fewer per session. With online safety training, it is unlimited.
Can I mix classroom and online training?
Yes, you can. Just be sure that you are meeting your company policy guidelines and/or contractual obligations.
How long are your online or classroom training sessions?
Both are approximately 25-30 minutes.
Will I receive confirmation that my driver has completed the online session?

Yes. Once they login, it will register their identification with your account, and upon completion of the full session, it will be documented that they finished the session.

Are your trainers qualified/certified to do the instruction/training?

Our instructors/trainers are properly certified and trained, including certifications such as Certified Driver Trainer (NATMI) and Certified Director of Safety (NATMI).

Do you provide completion certificates?

Yes, for each online session, a certificate to download or print is available, and for classroom, the instructor will provide a certificate upon successful completion.

How is training billed?

Classroom is billed within 10 days of completion and online is billed within 10 days of the start of the new month.

Are the safety training programs costs based upon the number of participants being trained or is there a set cost?

For both classroom and online safety training, the cost is per participant.

What types of payments do you accept?

NECSC accepts all major credit cards, checks and cash.

How long would it take to schedule a classroom training session?

Our goal is to be on site for your first session within 60 days. Subsequent sessions will be on a regular schedule.

How long would it take to schedule an online training session?

Once registered and your account is set up, your drivers can begin their initial online safety training immediately.

On-site Driver Training

How long does it take to train a driver on-site?

It will all depend on the driver’s skill level and how quickly they pick up on the tasks required to do their job safely.  It can range from a couple hours to several days.

Are travel expenses an additional fee?

Depending on the service, there may be, but this would be addressed on a case by case basis.

Business Advisory Services

What types of services do you offer when advising a trucking business?

We can help you streamline your operations, identify risk management situations, assist with driver recruitment and retention, and help create or update employee handbooks.

I have a high driver turn over.  Can your company help me find and keep qualified drivers?

Yes, NECSC can assist with reviewing potential new hires through application review, possibly interviews and road tests, and help create/update driver retention incentive programs.

Do you do employee handbooks?

Yes, we can help with the creation of a new ones or the updating of a current one.

Expert Witness

As an Expert Witness, how far are you willing to travel?

NECSC is capable of providing Expert Witness services throughout the United States.

Have you ever been deposed before?

Yes, on several occasions our Expert Witness has been deposed.

Have you ever testified in trial.

Yes, our Expert Witness has testified at trials.

Do you require a retention agreement and / or a retainer?

Yes we require both a retention agreement and a retainer in order to be available for expert testimony.