Driver Safety Training

Safety is important when it comes to our jobs in transportation.  One mistake and it can not only cost you your career, but your life.  Therefore, safety training and developing safe habits and routines with our everyday tasks is essential.

But let’s face it… most of us don’t enjoy getting a lecture or being told how to do our job from a boss or supervisor - even if they are the nicest and most knowledgeable person in the world.

Often, we feel as though they don’t understand what we go through every day on the job, and because of that, we tend to ‘put a barrier up’ and only hear part, or none, of the message they are trying to convey.

So the question becomes, “What can help lower that barrier and get a driver to HEAR the message(s) about being safe?”

That is where NECSC can help.

Driver Safety Training Overview

Our Approach to Driver Safety Training

Our approach to driver safety training is to have instruction come from a peer - someone who is not only knowledgeable about the rules and regulations, but someone who has ‘done it’ in their field... and is still doing it.

An experienced peer is someone who is not only familiar with the routines, practices and equipment that are utilized, but can “talk the talk” used in everyday operations.  They also understand what drivers go through in their everyday tasks - an 'equal.'

Presenting information from a source that is perceived as "equal" and "less judgmental" helps to lower the reception barrier. Once a driver is more open to listening and asking questions, they will be more apt to HEARING the message being conveyed.

And getting the message across about being safe BEFORE an event happens is critical. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Add to our experience and knowledge that we are certified and accredited - our Certified Director of Safety and Certified Driver Trainer credentials are internationally recognized and university accredited - and you have a "win-win" for everyone.

That's the NECSC difference.

Driver Safety Training Approach

Ready to Start Your Training?

Driver Safety Training and Delivery Methods

Whether it be a small business or a big corporation, the effects of one bad event can have long-term and devastating effects on all parties involved.  With that in mind, NECSC offers effective and engaging driver safety training, in various formats, conducted by certified, experienced, peer trainers.

As the Safety Director/Trainer for a FedEx Ground contracted transportation service provider, the owner of NECSC not only trained new hires and drivers on doubles, but developed an in-house driver safety training program for that contractor that not only met but exceeded FedEx Ground's high standards - - which received recognition and commendation... and has been effective.

Using that base, along with years of driving experience and expert witness experience, the owner created NECSC's driver safety training program as a distinct and "full-circle" safety program - putting it in a class by itself.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you and your drivers stay safe.

Online Driver Safety Training

Online Driver Safety Training

A simple and convenient option to help fulfill driver safety training needs, especially for those who cannot attend scheduled classroom sessions.

Classroom Driver Safety Training

Driver Safety Training Classroom

A valuable resource for driver safety training for your company involving an interactive exchange of information among peers.

On-site Driver Training

Onsite Driver Safety Training

For current qualified drivers who are looking to sharpen their skills or need to learn how to hook up and unhook doubles.