Client Testimonials

She has been very professional about safety concerns and has shown an effective way to educate employees about safety concerns without being pugnacious.  She has shown to be very knowledgeable and efficient.

D - PA

Poised and professional! Well-spoken with an amazing ability to keep the audience engaged. Fosters critical thinking by not only engaging the audience, but by ensuring everyone has the ability to relate the lesson to some aspect of their life. A true down-to-earth professional.

N - PA

Tina is a great trainer. She’s very knowledgeable about the things she teaches!!

J - PA

She is very skilled, friendly, safe, courteous, and conscientious… I would trust her knowledge of the trucking industry… as a never-ending knowledge base with which you can extract facts from.

Herb - MA

I have known and worked with Tina for several years now. She has been an asset with her knowledge of the safety aspect of the trucking business. Also, in my opinion, she is unique in that she not only is trained in the safety part of this business, but her many years of experience as a driver brings with it insight that others outside of the industry may not have.

Paul - PA

I’ve attended her safety meetings. They were very informative and easy to understand. I have been driving for over 35 years and still learn new things from her.

D - PA

Tina has shown knowledge in Safety, OSHA and DOT enforcement and education. She has been helpful to me on a personal level with this knowledge and would be an excellent asset to be an adviser in these manners.

H - PA

Great Safety Training.

C - PA

Tina is a very knowledgeable and experienced instructor. She clearly explains all aspects of safely operating a commercial vehicle, including coupling and uncoupling doubles.

R - PA

Safety is very important to her. Tina is one of the best I have found out on the road.

Peter - NY

Very good trainer. Knowledgeable not only from the book, but also on the road. Very clear in explaining safety regulations as well. Definitely a recommendation.

G - PA

Her abilities and knowledge of the industry, from the driver’s standpoint, to the DOT and safety aspects are second to none. Tina has worked all sides, as a driver, driver trainer and as a safety adviser and is willing to offer her advice any time.

Bob - PA

Working with Tina is great.  She is very knowledgeable when it comes to DOT Safety rules and regulations.

B - PA

I think the service that NECSC provides is essential for today’s commercial drivers — I know they are very experienced in the safety and operation of equipment. I would highly recommend NECSC to all trucking companies.

Mike - NY

Her passion to elevate drivers to be the best shines through in the way she teaches and interacts with everyone.

Lynn - CT

Tina is very knowledgeable and well spoken. Does her research so she has all the info that she needs before proceeding. A very well-liked individual by many that she comes in contact with. I had the pleasure of working with her for years and really enjoyed being around her as did most people I know.

Fred - NY

Tina has always gone above and beyond in her job performance. She is very safety oriented and a pleasure to work with. Her dedication to safety and training really shows in the fact that owners always ask her to train their new drivers. She is an asset to any company she works for!

Rick - NY

In my over 30 years of safe commercial driving, there are only a few people I would trust and hold accountable for driving and driver training in any of my vehicles – Tina! …. I would not have trusted anyone else with the safe operation and driver training for my company! I highly recommend Tina for any safety position.

Ron - NY