About the Owner

I started North East Commercial Safety Consulting, LLC (NECSC) out of my passion to help people involved in transportation.

As one of the most dangerous industries to work in, it is an occupation that can be difficult not only on the road, but in and around the places associated with it, and you never know what each day (or night) is going to bring you.

Having experienced a variety of situations first-hand, when I am consulting or training, I've often said, "I'll inform you of the rules and regulations, but I'll also teach you the things that will keep you out of trouble... because more than likely, it's something I learned the hard way through experience."

How I Got Into Transportation and Where It Has Taken Me

My experience in and around transportation started over 40 years ago when I was working for my family’s two small businesses.  Those early years taught me a myriad of skills and gave me a sound business foundation.

After finishing college with a bachelor’s degree in Business, I spent a few years in an office setting utilizing my education. A fluke opportunity of being in the seat of a big truck led me to a commercial motor vehicle driving career that has lasted over 26 years and over 2 million accident-free miles.

My early start in a small business made it easy for me to efficiently manage all aspects of the daily operations of a small trucking business (a FedEx Ground contracted transportation company) for nearly 11 years. Part of my responsibilities while there was as the Safety Director and Driver Trainer.

Continuing my role as a Safety Director and Driver Trainer, and as a part-time driver, with a another FedEx Ground contracted transportation service provider, I developed an in-house driver safety training program that not only met but exceeded FedEx Ground's high standards - - which received recognition and commendation... and has been effective.

Utilizing that base, along with my other work experiences, NECSC's Driver Safety Training program was created as a distinct and "full-circle" safety training program - putting it in a class by itself.

My combined experience and education have also afforded me the opportunity to be a successful Expert Witness for the commercial transportation industry, where I have provided sound consultation to attorneys with transportation-related cases and successfully testified in court.

How I Maintain My Credentials

I have a current commercial driver's license (CDL) and still drive part-time to maintain and continue to enhance my skills while staying attuned with the industry. I also search for new hands-on opportunities, such as training with van delivery drivers to gain first-hand experience of their daily rigors in order to expand my experience base.

I regularly engage in classroom and online training, and recently became a Certified Director of Safety, a Certified Driver Trainer, completed Course I, II and III of Commercial Vehicle Crash Investigation, and have also enrolled in OSHA Courses to become an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.

I have participated in driving competitions, was peer-nominated for ATA’s America’s Road Team and was also a participant in the student Trucker Buddy program. I currently am an active member of several transportation and expert witness professional organizations including NATMI, PMTA, OOIDA, WIT, Thomson Reuters, Expert Institute, Expert.com, and Expert Engine.

Having knowledge about transportation is great.  But having knowledge and experience in transportation is in a class by itself.  Add to that my passion for helping people, and it's no wonder my drive to provide top-notch assistance to people is not only a professional one, but a personal one.  Besides... when you enjoy your work, it's not work.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and attending local concerts and charity events, especially those involving children. I also enjoy my "wind therapy" as an avid motorcycle rider and am a member of the local Ladies Auxiliary and the Legion Riders.

Client Testimonials

Great Safety Training.

C - PA